With only a few days now left until we depart for the US I thought we would update you on how things have been going, the plan and our thoughts on our upcoming adventure.

Since selling the TV and storing the Laptop I don’t think I have been busier or more productive. I have mapped the whole of our route from the Adventure Cycling Association maps on to Garmin Connect, no small job, and found the the total length of the route is more like 5,500, as opposed to the 5000 estimate. As a result and still only wanting to cycle for 100 days we have upped our daily target from 50 miles per day to 55. Not sure everyone saw this as a good thing…
We have also packed up and cleared out the flat, our lovely home for the past 6 years. A BIG thank you to everyone who has adopted bits of our stuff for the summer! We our now left with just the base of a bed and a couple of sofas. As a result the flat has gone from a lovely homely place to an empty shell. To top this off what with it being a bank hol this weekend Virgin are having to come out on Friday to shut down the internet so no internet at all this weekend, best get used to it i suppose. All in all we both can’t wait to move out of it now!
As we have moved closer to our departure date the planning and preparing for the trip has taken over our lives. I have missed club rides with the Southsea Real Riders (@SrRiders) and spent every spare moment getting stuff sorted. I would say I am now feed up with the planning and just want to get on my bike and start riding!
Generally before I do or go anywhere out of the ordinary I get quite anxious. This leads to over thinking, planning, checking and worrying. Surprisingly for this trip this has not really been the case and I have been very chilled out about the whole thing. That was up until I finished mapping the route on to Garmin Connect and realised for the first time the extent of the distance we were going to be covering, but then I just focused on the fact it is 55 miles a day and all was right with the world again 🙂
We also signed up to what might just be the most generous community I have ever meet. Yeah thats right we have joined ‘CouchSurfing’, and ‘Warm Showers’, and have already got places to stay on our first and second nights on the road! Thanks guys you rock and we can’t wait to meet you and all the other coachsurfing hosts along our route 🙂
Overall everything is going to plan, but just want it all to be done so we can start the trip proper.
We will try and keep this blog updated as often as possible while on the road so check back regularly for updates and follow us on Twitter (@LookMumNoCar).
So I have never experienced this feeling before going on a trip before it’s difficult to put it into words but I will give it a try. I guess the best way to describe how I am feeling is to give you examples of the erratic behaviour I have been experiencing. Each day is a roller coaster of emotions, everything from desperate tears whilst cooking stir fry to ecstatic excitement over receiving emails, there is rarely any middle ground. What seems to exaggerate the emotions further is that Andy is having similar episodes which seem to be mimicking mine ‘man style’. So he will be screaming at the top of his voice that we have no sofa (because we are using the cushions as a mattress), but targeting his aggression at the cushions as if they can retaliate back (silly man).
On a serious note I am incredibly worried about my back issue. It is typical that I have been if great physical condition most of my life not getting any long term injuries, then right before I set myself my biggest challenge ever, my back deteriorate. I have to give my thanks to in my view the best Osteopath in the world Mr John Butterworth. His hands and uncomfortable crunches seem to of magically improved the condition of my back.
Overall I have no idea what to expect I have been on holiday and had the excitement of experiencing new lands and looking forward to basking in the sun and relaxing by the pool. I have also been camping and lived like Ray Mears for a week and on many occasion I have done a sweaty 50miles cycle. I have never had the opportunity to blend all of these together. It’s a little bit like blending a smootie without a recipe, your never sure what it’s going to taste like. I guess this is the most exciting part not knowing where we are going to be, what we are going to do and who we are going to meet. Each day will be dissimilar to the next and hold beautiful wonders round every corner.
What most of you might think is that the cycling will be the part I am looking forward to the most  well you would be wrong! The part which I am very excited about is the people we encounter along the way and the sites that we see. America is a land that is so vast and varied in landscape and culture which I hope will make for a interesting journey.