In advance of the #woman100 on the 20th July I embarked on my own 100 miler a little early.

IMG_1509The July event is where woman all over the world will be taking part in a 100miles/km ride promoted by Rapha. I couldn’t wait that long so I decided to get a group together and give it a whirl early. So I was setting myself up for my third 100miler though this time I would be on my fixed All City Big Block (my baby).

In preparation for the ride and a good excuse to try out a great new restaurant we went out for dinner the night before to Thailand Cafe & Takeaway where in the words of Durianrider we Carb The F@%k Up!


Then a standard banana and date energy smoothie for breakfast!


The sun was shining and the conditions were perfect, so we set out as a team of five eager for the challenge. Unfortunately only 5miles into the ride one of us (Jesse) took a nasty fall due to the uneven surface popping a spoke on the Havant cycle path.


The path grated his body like a piece of cheese resulting in him bleeding alot and having to bail. This does not bode well for his sailing race across the Atlantic starting Monday, we wish you a swift recovery bro!!


We were gutted we lost Jesse, but we pushed on with the day. The landscape and scenery was phenomenal.


To keep us amused on the ride I instigated a good old fashion game of peg.


We stumbled on a remote lake and decking which was a perfect opportunity for a photo shoot and to show off our bikes.

We took a short cut through my future estate.


Hunger strikes so we found some tasty delights, thanks Waitroses.


I stocked up with plenty of provision, in fact the boys were mocking me for my squirrel pockets full of dates and bananas (these were vital in keeping my energy levels consistent).


During the toughest climb of the day (15% gradient), I felt my saddle jolt which resulted in it moving 90 degrees to the left.


I stopped to investigate and after checking all of the bolts we realized the design flaw in the BLB seat post and had to ride the remaining 30miles with a wonky saddle.

I really struggled with the climbs on my fixed bike, the pressure on my back makes me feel like my kidneys are going to fall out.
This resulted in me dropping away from the boy which is a rare occurrence these days. This definitely brought down my moral and enjoyment of the ride, but that is just my competitive nature. The boys always waited for me at junctions, but I did have one dehydrated moment where I thought I was lost so I bellowed out for Andy and in a panic he sprinted back, pheww!!
After getting out of the downs my energy levels increased so we powered on towards the Havant cycle path. Just as we entered Andy over took for his stint at the front and I jumped on his wheel. Unfortunately there was lady up front on a bike that swerved out in front of him resulting in him breaking suddenly leaving me no chance to do the same. I caught his back wheel wobbled and ended up tucking and rolling myself. I luckily came away with only a few cuts and grazes.

Overall a very beautiful, eventful and memorable ride. What I learned from this 100mile experience is that dates and bananas are my friend, dont stop for too long because you will lose your legs, buy cheap buy twice and always take a first aid kit!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 21.13.42
Strava Ride Data

Written by Alex Cuppleditch

  1. Thomas Hash
    May 04, 2014

    Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to come ride with you guys! You rock!

  2. Andy
    May 04, 2014

    Always good to hear from you, wish we could ride together too, maybe one day we will!! Happy birthday again dude xx

  3. antony court
    May 05, 2014

    It was a good ride, looking forward to the next 100 mile…

  4. Andy
    May 05, 2014

    It sure was 🙂 and congrats on smashing in your fixed century!! especially seeing how you warmed up with a Park Run early that morning!