So my name is Alex, I and my partner are planning to cycle 5500 miles across America’s vast space heading west ‘like the pioneers’. We have been scrimping and saving for years for this trip and now the time is finally here I am not totally sure what I have signed up to. We are leaving our cosy, comfortable and dry home to live in a 2/1 metre tent (shared with a 6ft male) and cycle 55+ miles per day
I have decided to compile my own problem list with resolutions, with what I would assume most ladies worry about prior to their own personal trip. These will be reviewed along the journey.

1)           Super fit cycling partner
I have been attempting to train for this by cycling to and from work which is laughable in itself since this only adds up to a measly 16 miles. In comparison my mean machine partner has been doing 70 mile cycles without even breaking a sweat. We have come to a fair agreement at having a 60/40 split in gear to make the trip more equal and I have also agreed to toughen the f**k up. Will keep you posted on the progress.
2)          Dealing with Saddle sore
Personally I have never been a lyrca lover and have never wished to become one. Though I understand I unfortunately need to take some appropriate clothing for this trip. So I have taken some preventive measures by researching cycling shorts obsessively for the past 6months. Finally 3weeks before we leave I splashed out on some Ibex merino shorts and some Dznuts cami cream. I have tested out the shorts and so far I am very impressed they are incredibly comfy and have minimal whiffing issues. Watch this space on the reviews of the cream.
3)          How am I going to clean my hair/body
So I have decided to treat this as if it was festival season and I am taking three safety measures for not having washing facilities. I will be taking baby wipes, anti-bacterial gel and dry shampoo for when there is an occasion to look and smell reasonable. For those instances where it is time to ‘surrender to the ming’, hair grips and a bandana are a must!
4)          What to do on your period
I have investigated this and many touring ladies have mentioned mooncups. I have recently purchased one and now I don’t know what I would do without mine they are a fab invention when you get the hang of them. A little tip, ensure to trial the first extraction in the shower to prevent any accidents.
5)          Where do you wee
After years of camping and working in the outdoors I personally have no problem with squatting. I have also tried and tested one of the ‘shewees’ and think they are ridiculous creation. I can’t believe that a woman invented this I would of thought only a man would devise a contraption that would enable a woman to wee on herself.