To celebrate a year since we completed our first major cycling tour back in the summer of 2013 we finally managed to put together 4 short videos highlighting just some of an unforgettable 5,300 mile journey across the USA.

1: The first video covers us leaving New York and cycling 500 miles south on the Adventure Cycling Associations Atlantic Coast route to Virginia.

2: The second video covers the first half of the Adventure Cycling Associations Trans-American Trail route heading west from Virginia to Kansas.

3: The third video is the second half of our Trans-American Trail route and documents us riding up the Rockies from Colorado to Oregon and the Pacific Coast.

4: The final video follows us as we navigate the Pacific Coast route south along 101 and highway 1 to LA.

We would just like to thank everyone we met along the road from fellow tourers to friendly truckers, farmers to walkers, everyone at the Adventure Cycling Association, the many many Warm Showers hosts and special thanks to our cycling companions Sam and Bradford!

We hope you enjoy these videos and get some wonderlust from them! If you have any questions or want any further information please do get in touch ­čÖé