Bike tours don’t have to be huge adventures, get out for a weekend overnighter, visit some friends, family or Warm Showers host or camp ground and you will have just as much fun!

We recently undertook a few days of touring down in the West Country and it was ace!


We took the train down to Devon and spent the next few days riding an average of 20 miles day on everything from coastal roads to rail to trails and from steep hills to rolling farmland.

 IMG_2537 (1)
Our advice is just take your bike and get out of town. Hop on a train to somewhere nice in the countryside, book a few places to stay or just take a tent and enjoy what the countryside has to offer.

Traveling at a slower pace will not only allow you to spend some quality time with your friends family or just yourself, but will also open your eyes to the beauty of what is on your doorstep!


Remember, cycle tours do not need to be huge trips around the world, they can also be as simple as riding some back roads just out of town.


  1. Arūnas
    Aug 27, 2014

    Well said!! Makes me feel lazy if not jealous!

  2. Andy
    Aug 28, 2014

    Thanks Arunas 🙂