We woke well rested in our soggy tent to find a swarm of mosquitos waiting to pounce.

Andy braved it first, but they weren’t interested in his blood. They were waiting for me on mass, group together like an army plotting and planning. They are addicted to my blood, I am the equivalent of a fine wine for Mosquitos and they indulge far to much!!


Where there had been destruction beauty appeared.


Towards the summit we crossed into a remote alpine environment that took the trail up a level.


It took us hours to get to the top of the 15km climb, but it was an interesting trail with many points of interest.


We reached the top just in time for lunch.


The terrain was a little soggy from the previous nights rain and I had a mini tumble (reminded me of the SouthDowns minus the cow pat). Fortunately due to my awesome DMR V12 Mags I can switch my pedals to flat (from my Restrap straps) and have now mastered the bike leap to safety. The switch backs were amazing though hard to manoeuvre the panniers round!!


We arrived to a idyllic spot after 40km and even had our own hut, perfect! Unfortunately half way through the evening a few families turned up with all the mod cons of a real home and parked directly next to us #NoisyNeighbours


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