So after our incredibly late start at 3pm we only had 38km to our next stop at the midway point on the Summit to Sea bike trail. We haven’t been able to start from the beginning due to a bridge falling down, so this will have to do.

As it happens the road west from Ohkura was nicely paved and made for some easy riding with a mind blowing back drop.


As we entered Ratiki it was a ghost town with many derelict buildings and abandoned shops. Though the public toilet were spotless and perfectly positioned. When we left the town we started our gentle 27km decline through a gauge, magic!! The scenery was spectacular, but had to be constantly aware due to the odd log trucks, hair pins and shear drop to the river below.


Last 12km has been some of the best road riding of the trip not just because it was mostly down hill. After booking ourselves into the campground we headed on down to the river for a bath.

That evening we met a lovely German couple called Lennard and Svenja. They have a whole year of travelling after just finishing school. A cheeky game of Ludo and story swapping was enjoyed by all and we wish them well for the remainder of their trip.


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