We woke very well rested and eager for the trail. The campsite was silent and covered in a light mist so to Andy’s delight we were preparing for a cooler day. Said goodbye to our new chums and set off.


You would expect this to be a joyful day of downhill along a riverside to the coast. We are in New Zealand after all and as a local put it, look around you love!!


I can see why the Whanganui river is a must see in NZ.


We stopped at a campsite half way and took a little dip to cool off. This campsite is perfectly situated on the route and provides water (though tasted a little funky). We were tempted to stay, but decided to push on to make it to the town.


There was a mammoth climb just before getting back onto highway 4. However, we were blessed with an awesome view as a reward for our efforts.

Climbing a mountain or large hill definitely gets you thinking about life (anything other than the present pain). This can sometimes bring out deep emotions of the past or sparks of innovative ideas for the future. So anybody with any dilemmas past or present get on a bike and find a hill!!


We headed into Whanganui only to bump into Gav again. We had a short catch up about routes we had taken and where would be good to stay for the night then parted to go find a bed for the evening.


We ended up pushing on to a holiday park a few km out of town by the beach which was through the dodgier end of town i.e. first cop car since Tauranga. We couldn’t resist a little play in the park, but did meet some interesting characters taking their pets for a walk.


Including this wild ‘little Sebastian’ that gave me a shock as it bolted towards me on the zip line.


After checking in to our little cabin we headed to the beach to watch the sun set and enjoy our achievement of crossing the country east to west.


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  1. Sylvia Pounds
    Jan 20, 2015

    Get a bike and find a hill! Good advice but I find the same after the first mile or so into a walk. My mind moves into a different, better, freer place, where sermons are written poems created and many problems solved or at least come to terms with. So I say outdoor green exercise is good for both body and soul! Love Mum 2 xxx