So this morning we ditched the bikes!!

Our kind host offered to drop us at the start of a hiking trail Te Apiti. This was a great opportunity to get some tramping in.


The trail followed a line of wind turbines so getting to see them up close was a powerful experience.


The 1080 poison and traps were all around this area.


The view points were worth each extra km we walked!


After finishing our hike we loaded our bikes said our farewells to Ross and started our 20km to Palmerston North.


This started with a very busy flat road on a huge shoulder. One turn later we were on a well sealed cycle path flowing along a river. This took us all the way into town.


We were a little apprehensive on what to expect from the town and was pleasantly surprised. We entered through a flourishing park with a miniature train jammed with ecstatic children. So we were hoping to stay with a couple we met but couldn’t get in contact. So desperately contacted a few WS hoping someone could host. I am so glad I called Linda first and she was available to host. The interaction we had with her, Phil and Hayley was refreshing and heart warming. It was a great chance to exchange stories, advice about bikes, routes, travelling and even music. We wish them all the best in their South America tour and Hayley enjoys music school.


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