Our morning was spent enjoying the company of Phil and Linda. Their interesting journeys and experience is what we aspire to have one day. There immaculate home has a sense of peace and happiness with creative homemade creations filling it. I wish we stayed longer and hope to see them again in the future. Plus there tandem was friggin awesome!


Back on the road feeling very fragile, one 14km hike has ruined me. There was a mammoth climb to start the day which was great to get the muscles warm. In fact I feel fine on my bike peddling just mounting and dismounting is a issue. We thought we had a 35km ride though this turned out to be 66km. We will have to check Strava but I have a feeling we were going round in circles!!

Found the most idyllic lunch spot and had it all to ourselves. As we crossed over a bridge we could see this beautiful river down below but there appeared to be no way down. Further up the road Andy spotted a turning with no post box so it can’t be a house, right? We ventured down the gravel track to find a opening to the river. Best lunch/snooze spot to date!!


Taking Linda’s advice from the night before we stopped at a closed school to refill. Then went onto Highway 2 for a short period that had a small shoulder with fierce cross winds blowing us clean off the road. Fortunately we were thrown that way and not the other, we swiftly detoured back onto a country road at the next turning and had the wind on our back for the remainder of the day. All I was dreaming about was laying down and stretching my muscles.

Warn and sore we arrived at our home for the evening at the Alfredton domain. It was a weird and eerie place that had a few camper-vans dotted about that were as ‘social’ as ever. A run down park that could do with some serious TLC. After many massages and tiger balm applications we turned in. It feels like a storms a brewing outside glad to be tucked up in our cosy little home!!

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