Awoke to the screech of motor homes speeding off then left in peace with the birds. Im not a twitcher but one bird in particular has a enchanting toot, it reminds of the woodwind instrument I played as a child (I still haven’t spotted it yet).

We got on the road with a relatively short day ahead. The day was brisk but dry, finally my first usage of my leg and arm warmers. I was beginning to get annoyed that I wasn’t using them and they were extra weight.

The majority of the road was downhill and rolling farmland. There was a point where we notice a lonesome cone in the centre of the road but we carried on. Then another and another but no signage not to continue. Our only other route was highway 2 so that wasn’t a option. Later we discovered that it signal cattle crossing. There is a whole lot of nothing out here including shade. Desperately looking for some respite from the sun we we growing weaker. All we needed was a place to recharge and fuel (eat). When we thought our last resort was to pull into the lay-by we decided to just push on to the town and had lunch in their park.


Arrived relatively early so went to the library but of course when we have loads of time it is a bank holiday and it’s closed. Managed to get on the wifi from the outside and contact George from WS he swiftly returned and told us to head to his place in town the neighbours would let us in. When we arrived we were greeted by a man we only assumed to be the neighbour. It turned out to be George I didn’t believe it when I saw him. He is living proof that cycling keeps you youthful.


His home was a little piece of heaven with a pool surrounded by well developed organic fruit and vegetables. The evening was spent enjoying the company of George and a delicious homemade meal he prepared. I only hope he didn’t catch the Veganisum disease!!

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