So seriously relaxing now!! If we could cycle laying down we would do. Left the campsite at 9.30am to head out for our 40km jaunt to summit in the Pakuratahi forest.

We started on road to Featherston which was very flat with a good shoulder resulting in us averaging 20km per hour.


30km later we decided to have lunch at the start of the Rimutka track trail, before tackling the climb.

As soon as we started the ascend we were in mountain bike heaven again. The first single track was cover by a few tropical trees with a river far below us.


A couple of ropey turns and we made it to the first station at cross creek.


Onwards and upwards we continued on the trail the surface is very uneven. The trail switched to double track and opened up to the sky but isn’t what you would class as well maintained. Sadie just about managed.IMG_5732.JPG

There are a few tunnels to go through that were great respite from the sun. The last was a extremely long one that we dismounted in since our eyes wouldn’t adjust to the dark.


There was a gulley just after that which again was a defeat. At the bottom was a lovely stream to have a little soak in. Pushing my bike up the other side was harder than a 20% climb. Sadie felt like a ton of bricks with breaks, combined with my none grip trainers was a risky combo. I had to push then hold, push then hold until I was at the top. Andy decided right at the top to get a picture of the sign and wanted me to pose at this point the bike slipped my knee got scratch and Sadie got thrown, including with all my toys out of the pram. Head in shame I apologised to Sadie then continued up the track.


When the trees cleared we were at the summit this is by far the most remote, picturesque, idyllic and isolated campsite we have stayed at. There is no safe drinking water here but we fortunately have plenty. All alone with this view, perfect!!


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