After our adventurous evening nearly freezing to death at Summit we then rose before sunrise, what a mistake!

We were so cold with all of our clothes on that we had to get up and move around. Unfortunately the sun was tucked behind the hill everything was soaked and freezing. Note to self and other tourers if you can stand it don’t get out of your tent until the sun is up.

Quickly trying to get the stove out to warm our hands on a nice cuppa we came across a little issue. Fumbling around with the lighter in my numb hands the flint must of got a bit damp and friggin broke. Fortunately Nick our new neighbour came to the rescue and gave us one he had. Then the meths wouldn’t light, ahhhhh almost gave up then on the third attempt it reluctantly lit. As the sun peeked over the hill a light mist lifted and everything started to defrost including our toes.


We started our descent for the day and waved goodbye to Nick and his family. So much admiration for him taking his 4yrs and 6yrs old for a 20km cycle sleep out, what a ace dad! At the end of trail we saw his van and it had sadly been broken into. What a crappy end to a beautiful trip for them, we hope not much was lost.

The trail to the south of Summit was still gravel, but much smoother then the north side and it was still good to be off the road. At the end of the Rimutka trail there was a well positioned tea and scone cafe (very English) and as we entered we got a mini cheer from a large group of cyclist and low and behold it was the hard core group from the previous day. We enjoyed a very civilised cuppa with them.


The rest of the day I felt a little uneasy as we travelled through the Upper Hutt urban area, after a encounter with a young lad attempting to throw sticks into my wheel. The trail was awesome though winding its way alongside the river.


As we ventured through the hut we met many interesting characters that stopped to engage with us. Including this lovely couple Rob and Debs on a training ride for the South Island check out their blog here.


Also met Judi originally from Portsmouth, it was great to relate with her about Portsmouth and update her of changes and developments in the flourishing city. Finally we met John a Kiwi who was intrigued about us and our trip. He himself had done some touring as a lad but now only settled for the finer things in life. He passed on some great local tips about trails and excursions.


Andy couldn’t resist nipping round the velodrome to get the extra miles in. At least he ticked off one of his bucket list items.


When we arrived in Lower hutt we were warmly greeted by Mike, Kylie and Phoebe and welcomed into their beautiful home. Kylie cooked us a delicious vegan meal and we had lots of giggles that evening out on the veranda. Listening to their travelling stories was mesmerising and we look forward to having such epic stories as them in our own future.


I whipped up some delicious BERTY  natural vegan banana ice cream for us all to enjoy.


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  1. ted edwards
    Jan 31, 2015

    Hi enjoying reading about your travels. I was really amazed to read you were so cold as I thought it would be hot over there now.
    Take care Ted

    • Look Mum No Car
      Jan 31, 2015

      Thanks Ted, yeah it’s been hot during the days with very intense sun and cool at night. Only cold once when camping in the shade at the top of a hill. All good fun though. Glad your enjoying the blog