So today would be our last day of riding on the North Island and would take us down into the capital, Wellington.

We boosted our energy levels up with blueberry and banana smoothie, mmmm.


After a emotional goodbye to our now dear friends Mile and Kylie we pushed on. As soon as we made it to the seafront we were on a cycle path.


It is directly next to the Highway but surprisingly well maintained. We were warned by many that it would be full of glass and debris, but were pleasantly surprised of its perfect condition for touring wheels. I am guessing the road commuters just like a smoother surface which is what the road would provide. We always choose any option not to be on the road when touring, if the infrastructure is there use it!


When we arrived in the capital we felt instantly at home. The city has a great energy and wholeness to it. We were rather peckish so hunted down the nearest whole food shop for a snack. Commonsense Organics had a huge selection of delicious vegan cuisine.


Here we also met Muni, a fellow tourer and yoga teacher, who gave us direction to Hara Kirsha restaurant come yoga studio called Bhakti Lounge, thanks again for the tip.


We later enjoyed some wholesome food, joined a hard core yoga session and met delightful Daniel who had youthful positive energy all around him. Also mistook me and Andy for 21 year old’s, so very happy. Due to the rather short day we craved a challenge after our rest off the bikes. So we took our lunch and missioned to the the top of Mount Victoria to enjoy it.


We spotted this steeply banked Velodrome on the opposite side of the mount and as someone had forgotten to lock the gate Andy couldn’t resist a quick spin.


Afterwards we headed over to our hosts Mark & Vic’s place. They are a lovely couple that have done plenty of travelling themselves and it was great trading stories and we wish them well with their wedding this year. They even entrusted us with a challenge on our travels, keep an eye out to discover our secret mission in a future post…


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