We have been entrusted with one of the fabled ‘Rings of Power’ and like those who have gone before us tasked with delivering it safely to a destination in order that it be melted down. However, unlike in the famous 2001 documentary about New Zealand this ring is destined to be made into two!

Our morning started with a invigorating dip in the swimming hole next to our camp. Either its the morning chill or there is something in the water that gave me a new lease of life!


Over breakfast we met Jason, who has a ReCycled B&B down in Dunedin which he invited us too. He has done loads of cycle touring, including riding the South Island when he was just a 16 year old lad! He gave us some great local tips and we enjoyed bike banter with him.

On the road what we thought to be 30km turned out to be 57km. We chose to go on the Highway rather than the gravel short cut in order to complete our mission, taking Vic’s family ring to a jewelers (Ash Hilton) outside Nelson where it will be made into Mark and Vic’s wedding rings, very cool!


After a fairly long, but relatively straight climb over the last of the days hills we were faced with a fabulous twisty downhill, where we easily kept up with and overtook traffic at speeds in excess of 60kmph!

As is so often the case our first destination, the jewelers, was up a crazy steep incline, but at least it was a short one. We dropped off the ring and chatted to the guys for a bit while examining their artwork, click HERE to see the type of thing they make.


So we whizzed back down the hill at a rate of knots


and soon joined the cycle path into Nelson, a very cool bike friendly town indeed.


We noticed a few other tourers, mainly all on Salsa bikes (Vaya‘s or Forgo‘s for those who know their touring bikes) and arrived at the mountain bike mad Alison and Grants, just in time for some home made vegan pizza and the obligatory Warm Shower!


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