We set off in the light mist that reminded us of summer back in English.

Our packs were laden down with organic delights from Alison and Grant’s garden including a vegan date and plum cake. Can’t wait to sample it later!
We joined the cycle path on the Nelson seafront then got our bearings through the rocks and followed the Tasman’s Great Taste Trail.
The trail was predominantly off road and in great condition. We rode through vineyards, over bridges and along hard packed gravel roads. There are areas where the actual (and very quiet) road is more suitable and faster so you can easily nip on and off at will.
We were really enjoying the cooler day here on the South Island and were surprisingly upbeat even with soggy socks.
As we approached Wakefield the cats and dogs were hitting us hard so we pulled into a cafe to reassess.
Warm Showers to the rescue (not for the first or last time i am sure), fortunately Marie & Scott had returned our email and stated we could stay if needed. We dragged our drenched selves over to their home to get dried off and enjoyed a tasty lunch.
Their garden was a magical space full of nutritious fruits and veggies which they had been growing for over 10 years.
We were not the only cyclists saved from the rain though as an equally wet French tourer, Gayle, was also staying and as luck would have it he was doing  our route backwards. So it was great to get some insight into what may be coming our way (sandflies, rain and a few hills lol).
We all pitched in to make a lovely evening meal of gluten free pasta and organic local (from 10 feet away in the garden) veg "</p