After a torrential morning shower we evacuated the tent dodging all the sandflies and Mosquitos that had made themselves at home there the previous night.

A good top tip for camping is to ensure your tent is as dry as possible before packing up. This will reduce wear and tear, mould and prevent getting a stinky tent. We laid ours out on the cooking hut verandas. Here we met a interesting pair Maija & Simon that were hitch hiking around NZ for a couple of weeks and hope to see them again back in the UK.

We finally hit the road expecting a luxurious day of downhill. I stupidly looked at the elevation and thought I was in for a treat. Unfortunately I didn’t research the weather, specifically the wind. We had a hardcore headwind with gusts of up to 70mph all day, it didn’t feel like downhill or even flat. Instead it felt very much like we were pushing up steep gradients all day, but at least the sun was out.
We stopped for lunch and met a Irish guy having some mechanicals, one of three in the last hour, bad times. We were joined shortly after by a couple of very fit men doing the 1,100km brevet.
We continued the slog to Murchison, with no let up in the wind and our minds wondering to future long distance off road bikepacking adventures, and finally made it to town. Decided to call it a day and hoped the wind would ease off tomorrow. The kiwi park had a interesting array of animals outback including a little joey kangaroo and this necky nincompoop.