Keen to get on the road early before the wind we left at 11am, oh deary me!!

The day seemed still and overcast, but we pushed on regardless. The temperature had dropped massively and we had full wet weather gear on most of the day. We could have been back in England if we weren’t surrounded by lush native bush.


Due to the colder day and rolling road we really made some miles early on. This was to be our first 100k day and we were loving every moment. There is something invigorating about wet weather riding. When your soaked right through to your core and have puddles in your shoes its comforting to know you have a warm showers at the end of the day, this kept our spirits high.


We traveled through a gorge and under some terrifying cliffs.


They even had bike traffic lights for the bridges, very cool!!


We finally arrived into Westport to be greeted by Don our host for the evening. What a chap, I haven’t giggled so much for ages he is a absolute hoot with some hilarious bike stories. We enjoyed a tasty meal with him and some friends. We wish them well on their mammoth trip cycling home from London later this year.

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