Today would see us start our long ride South along the famous west coast highway 6. Where we had been promised the Southern Alps to our left and the open sea to our right for the next 400+ km!

We said by to our 8 legged roommate and we left Dons well rested and energised.


He was a hilarious character with a funny sense of humour. We wish him well on his own tour with Robyn, cycling home from the UK!


As we exited the town the heavens opened, but we were adamant that we would enjoy the ride and seal colony. So we powered on 15km down the road to go spot us some seals. When we arrived a few baby seals were squirming around on the rocks below. To be honest the sea was a bigger point of interest with its aggressive waves crashing into the trembling rocks.


The skies began to clear and everything dried out almost instantly, probably due to the heavy sidewind.


As we turned south back onto highway 6 the headwind hit us. Not far down the road we spotted a sign stating ‘camping $8 + pizzeria’, we were sold. Anything to get out of this wind, hopefully tomorrow it will ease off a bit. After s very chilled afternoon we got an early night hoping for an early start to beat the gusts.


It was a beautiful campsite with views of the Southern Alps and minimal sand flies!

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