After a spontaneous Hokitika style triathlons on foot, bike and kayak around the local lake on our day off we were maybe not the most well rested in preparation for getting back on the road

After getting my bottom bracket replaced yesterday I had given my bike a bit of a clean and found the free hub body was not sounding great either so had taken it back to the shop for further inspection.

I got to the bike shop early and had my fingers crossed Nelson would have been able to fix it for a second time. As it happened he couldn’t replace it due to only having Shimano stock. TopTip for tourers, make sure your parts are as universal as possible ie lots of Shimano. But he had given it a good clean and had it purring nicely again!


While in the shop I got chatting to another tourer who was riding from Christchurch to Queenstown and had also ridden a few trails on the North Island. As I went to leave who should come through the door, but our old friend from the Cook Straights ferry crossing. She had also been having a great ride, but was now running out of time and having to put in some longer days.


After getting the bikes packed we headed to Hokitika’s beach for lunch. This was forced in a way due to buying so much food it didn’t fit in our panniers so had to be eaten.


Today’s ride was a short 30km or so to the small gold mining town of Ross to the south and the end of the West Coast Wilderness Trail, well it will be when the trail and old bridge are finished. Due to this we were on state highway 6 the whole way, which despite having no shoulder for parts was quiet and very flat.


Upon arrival in the old gold mining town we followed signs for camping and found a rather tired looking strip of grass by the one and only pub. Just to make sure this was all there was we headed to the towns iSite to check, only to have the obvious confirmed. In no rush to set up we saw a sign for tea and fresh fruit out the front of a well stocked garden at a house named Flossies and naturally went to investigate.



Here we meet Marcus, a 50 old year old chap who had done a lot of traveling in his younger years and been everywhere from the Scottish Highlands to South America! And being culinary trained as well as growing and making all his own organic food and home brew, lead to an interesting evening…

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