Surprisingly the Hawea River Track trail starts in the town, so we were on the fun stuff right from the start!

After a leisurely morning and refreshing/freezing dip in lake Hawea we were on our way. Just popped into the local store to refuel for lunch first and had a inspiring thought of the day.
We were on a river trail the majority of the way switchy between single and double track.
The terrain was awesome with fast flowing deep blue and green water rushing by.
We stopped to watch a group of kayakers playing in a standing wave before continuing through the changeable terrain.
The trail surface chanced from gravel to pine woods to dirt before coming to a swing bridge taking us into Albert Town.
Here we got chatting to a retired chap called Geoff. He had spent a few years living in the big smoke back home during the 70’s and was a bit of a Pompey fan as it turned out. He was off to ride the Westcoast Wilderness Trail with a few buddy’s later in the week and we were happy to share our experience of it with him.
The trail continued along the river until reaching the shores of Lake Wanaka. Here the surface became very sandy and narrow with signs of recent cliff falls.
After spending so long outside of any majored towns it was quite a shock to suddenly be next to huge modern homes with tennis courts and high gates. It felt more like being on the set of desperate housewives then a lakeside bike trail.
As we entered the town proper we once more bumped into Pepe. He had hitched a ride with a couple of Canadian chicks that morning after he broke a spoke yesterday and was in search of a bike shop in town.
Wanaka lives up to what we had been told by many locals and we have opted to take their advice and have a day off here tomorrow.

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  1. Geoff Hatten
    Mar 01, 2015

    Hi Andy and Alex
    In Hokitika having just come off Westland Wilderness Trail. What a goodie, specially Kumara to Hoki via Cowboy Paradise. Met up with Paul at Toms Hut – he is a bit of a character. Enjoy the rest of your travels.

    • Look Mum No Car
      Mar 02, 2015

      Thanks Geoff and glad to hear your trip to the Wilderness was good fun! Also glad you managed to bump into Paul and have a chat with him. Keep an eye on the site for more on our adventures and enjoy your retirement in your very own piece of paradise