After getting confirmation of our flights through we now have just over 4 weeks left in NZ and our plan is to hit all the spots in the North we had to avoid the first time around due to the Christmas holiday rush.

First stop on our list is the island of Waiheke. Situated only a short ferry ride from Aucklands city centre it reminded us of our last ride in the UK over on the Isle of Wight.


Much of the native bush had been reintroduced on the west of the island in the last 15 years and the place itself is easily the most chilled spot in NZ so far.


There is a real sense of community and individuality here as well as some frankly epic and empty beaches!


After getting seduced by the first beach we saw it was a good few hours before we managed to get back on the bikes only to stop a mile or two down the road at another!


The island has some very nice on road cycle routes, but traffic is very light and despite the hills there were lots of day trippers out on rental bikes.


As it turned out most of them had opted to rent electric bikes in case their little legs couldn’t get em up the hills lol still better then driving a car around the place.


After helping a dance troop from Oz fix the breaks on their rental bikes we headed off to Roger, Els & Beni (the cat) place, our WarmShowers hosts for a couple of days. As it turned out not only are they super awesome hosts and a lovely couple Roger has also raced singlespeed mountain bikes at the world champs, has a good stock of home brew and is a part time bike mechanic and all round cycling nut.


They have even lent us the use of their full suspension mountain bikes so keep an eye out for an upcoming post on our thoughts as this we’ll be the first time we have ridden full sus’ers!



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  1. Ingrid
    Mar 13, 2015

    You won’t believe it, but we have full suspension folding Dahon in shop! Shall I reserve it for you? ha ha

    • Look Mum No Car
      Mar 13, 2015

      Your right I don’t believe it! Why would anyone make, let alone ride that?! Er, I mean thanks for the offer, but think I’ll pass