After giving the Coromandel peninsular a miss over New Year, due to the warnings of the majority of Aucklanders emigrating there for the holidays and causing very heavy traffic, today we would finally get to ride on what has been billed as some of the best riding roads in NZ!

Before this though we had the small issue of tearing ourselves off Waiheke Island, up there with our favourite place in NZ.
This was made easier by our fabulous WarmShowers hosts El and Roger who treated us to 17km or so of awesomeness!
El was in the van acting as the team car and carrying all the panniers while Roger road with us and kept nipping ahead to snap some pictures of us inaction!
Together they epitomised the very best of hosting and nicely sum up the ethos of WarmShowers! Chears again guys you rock.
Despite all the photos and hills we arrived at a jetty at the end of the only road to find the ferry already docking and after a bit of a phaff we managed to get the bikes, gear and ourselves safely aboard.
As it turned out we were not the only cyclist aboard ship as a super healthy looking roadie couple from Auckland were also heading over to ride the Coromandel roads for the day. We had a good old chat about all things bikes and even introduced them to WarmShowers. Hopefully they will get to use it during their upcoming tour in Greece.
Arriving at a similarly small jetty a few km South of Coromandel township we opted to head a further 50+km south towards Thames due to warnings of a frigging grade 5 (out of 5) Cyclone named Pam heading straight for the peninsula!
Not that we would have known it as the sun was hot and high in the blue sky without a breath of wind to be felt.
The roads lived up to the hype and even Alex admitted the hills were incredible.
The second half of the day we were right on the shore edge just a few feet above the numerous small sandy beaches.
After running out of water for the first time in a long time we stopped and got our bottles filled up by a lovely couple watering their garden, obviously they hadn’t heard about the huge storm coming.
Our destination for the day was the very aptly named ‘Dickson Holiday Park’ a few k’s north of Thames. Where we spent a very social evening chatting with a super lovely couple from Colorado, a very enthusiastic lady from Seatle and a bunch of girls from back in Blighty.

  1. Els
    Mar 22, 2015

    Hi you two!
    Nice to see you’re enjoying the Coromandel – and yes, told you those hills are incredible!
    Hope you’ll u have an awesome time travelling the peninsula – at least the days are starting to cool down a little.
    Isn’t the butterfly place really cool?

    See you soon
    Els (with an “s”)

    • Look Mum No Car
      Mar 22, 2015

      Hi Els, yeah it’s great! Turning into a tour of NZ best beaches now though after a few days off at Hot Water

  2. Ingrid
    Mar 24, 2015

    WHEN are you coming back?? Don’t you miss a cold and wet feet riding at all?

    • Look Mum No Car
      Mar 24, 2015

      Lol the only cold feet we like are when we stick em in a river or sea to cool off