After the first cold night in the tent for a while Andy took full advantage of the campsites shower, a hose pipe nailed to a stake 2 feet off the ground pumping out freezing water unsuitable for drinking!

We quickly ate our breakfast of emergency tinned fruit, bruised bananas and some rather soggy fruit buns and headed off back up the beautiful gravel road to highway 25.
After a quick nature break we started out towards Hot Water Beach (famous for enabling you to dig your own hot pool in the sand) and the promise of a garden to camp in.
The road was farly flat as far as our lunch stop in Tairua where after we first found the lovely and well stocked Everything Organic health food shop we picked up a couple of box’s of steamed rice from a takeaway and headed to the park for a few hours.
Maybe a bit too long since we got back on the bikes just in time for a short rain shower as we started up the only real climb of the day. It was not to steep but quite long and despite little or no shoulder in places drivers gave us plenty of room.
The view from the top, overlooking the Pacific, was fab and the downhill didn’t disappoint either.
Once down we turned off highway 25 and headed the 7km or so through farmland to Hot Water Beach itself.
Here we met Claire and later her partner Tim who were putting us up via WarmShowers for what turned out to be a few days. They are a totally chilled and super easy to get on with couple who are into just about every outdoor sport going, they are a perfect example of top warm showers hosts!! Claire had just completed her first marathon a couple of days before, off road over the Coromandel Range from one side of the peninsula to the other and was the top female finisher and 5th overall, awesome achievement!! Tim and his younger brother Jackson gave us a lesson in slack lining which was both as hard as it looks while being very addictive! Tim, Claire & Jackson as well as all their friends made us feel like family and hopefully we will get to return the favour at some point back in the UK.