We set off in the morning as a trio as Darren had decided to join us. So again we had no need for the Garmin and had a personal tour guide, fab!! The morning roads were rolling and with a lush green back drop.

We stumbled on our first Geo-caching experience.


Darren took us to a gigantic waterfall which was mesmerizing.


After Darren parted from us the day took a turn for the worse. We were due to take a pass over the Kaimai range which at first seemed simple. When in reality it was a death trap of cars and trucks (lorries) flying down the road at 60mph+. Huge clattering log trucks plus no shoulder = walking behind the barrier. At the top there was a great view point which I personally had no interest in at that point.


Also paused at a refreshing natural cold water spring just up on the right, so we refilled and re-hydrated. Made a decision to get back on the bikes to attempt the downhill and figured at speed it would be safer. How we could be so wrong a second time. I got sucked into a log trucks wind tunnel which made it the closest near death experience to date.


When times get bad good actions prevail. After my extremely emotional and traumatic hour a friendly chap called Rick pulled up next to us and asked if we could do with a lift, what a absolute hero!! He had previously cycled from North to South when he was a teenager, what a lad and thanks again if your reading this!


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  1. Rick
    Jan 17, 2015

    glad you fare both safe, enjoy NZ

    • Look Mum No Car
      Jan 19, 2015

      Thanks man and thanks again for helping us out when we needed it!