So after a soggy evening and waking in the shade we swiftly packed up to get on the road. We were heading back over towards Cormandel township due to needing a wifi connection to talk to Jo and Mike on their wedding day!

You alway want the sun on your tent in the morning for us this wasn’t a option this time. If there is one thing I learned at Dreamwall’s is not to put a wet tent away. I have a feeling we will regret this action in the near future…
Stopped very shortly down the road to devour some breakfast. Andy found a new breakfast bag concoction of tinned peaches and muesli to be a real winner!
Throughout the morning ride we continued to get excited at every piece of tarmac. They seem to complete a road over bridges, outside houses and at junctions, but don’t really worry about the bit in between.
When we made it to Coalville we instantly felt at home. It is a town that has character and the unmistakable fresh smells of homegrown goodness.
With all the amenities you could need including a farm shop and general store with bulk food, we found out later the store as a true cooperative and had been founded by some of the first hippies to move to the area back in the 60’s. 
Just beyond that out of the blue was a Buddhist centre that welcomed you in to look around, never one to pass up an invitation we went in.
The grounds were so colourful and full of life. We even saw our first amphibian of the trip in fact we saw loads of geckos.
Everyone on site was welcoming and friendly. As we entered the office we had a warm greeting from Danny the office manager who invited us to stay for lunch. The whole place was full of a strong positive energy that left us feeling inspired and uplifted as we left and we hope to be back there soon.
The rest of the ride was some seriously climbing, but the most out of this world views!
Even the islands showed a budda laying down.
We has a cheeky swim on our own private beach after a mammoth climb.
Generally I would rather not do the same road twice especially when there are monster hills. Though I will be glad to return on this road in a couple of days to complete the rest of the North track due to its absolute magical surroundings.
We would both now like to say a huge congratulation to Jo and Mike on their wonderful day. We hope you have a amazing time and wish you all the love in the world!!!!