So all ready to set off for the next stage of the adventure only to find out my tablet (Nexus 7) has finally given up the ghost and after running out of juice is refusing to recharge.

One device down we got on the road then realised our final destination was only 12km away. Not much of a ride so we stopped at the first beach and enjoyed the rope swing.
Lots of swimming later we pushed on to Claire’s Dad’s house. She had kindly organised for us to go and camp in his garden for a night. We loved Claire so meeting the guy who raised her was going to be ace.
Arrived at the house and started setting up on the north side of the as instructed. Mid erecting we were greeted by a neighbour inquiring as to who we were and did we know who lived here. I quickly rushed to get my scrap of paper with the details on and realise I didn’t know his name just ‘dad’. I had heard a name on the answerphone what I thought was Kevin so when I stated that name to the neighbour she looked at us very warily and asked me to come down to the house to check the details. Fortunately the telephone number was correct so it was proven we weren’t just ‘hitchhikers’ camping in a random garden (I can’t believe anyone would have the balls to do that).
Before dinner we took some local advice and headed of for a ‘nothing fancy’ short walk in the bush.
As always with walking in NZ it was stunning with huge Lord of the Rings style trees and even a hidden beach with sunset views of the other islands!
We then spent a lovely evening with Peter and Lisa (very cool couple) discussing communes, art, house trucking and just who the best band was to have come out of Pompey.

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