Waking to a soggy tent is never nice, but at least we could see the sun peaking over the mountains so decided to hang out for a while and wait for it to dry out.

We only had a short ride ahead of us, back to the supper cool and arty town of Colville and the Buddhist Mahamudra Centre For Universal Unity. After dropping by a few days before we were heading back to take part in a meditation retreat over the Easter weekend. We didn’t have any real details of what to expect, but couldn’t resist the chance to find out.
After a substantial break of a good few hours at our favourite beach of the trip, we climbed the last hill before arriving and pitched our tent.
As we were going to be staying for a week we popped down to the community owned and run store and ordered 10 bunches of their finest organic bananas. After convincing the staff that yes we really did want 10kg of the yellow gold and no it wasn’t part of a banana fast, but in fact just part of our lunch for a few days, we left happy.
As it turned out the retreat would be conducted in silence, last 5 full days, involve 6 practice sessions a day (the first at 6amlasting from 60-90 minutes each and be far more intense then either of us had anticipated!