Today started with our last morning meditation session at Mahamudra and with more of a guided and teaching aspect to it it really resonated with us both and was a great way to end our time there!


After packing up and taking through our gear choice and some touring tips (keep an eye out for our Top Ten Touring Tips For NZ post coming soon) with head chef and coffee expert Tom (who we hope to go for a weekend bike camping with back home) we said our goodbyes and stated our journey back to Auckland airport.

We now know the road from Colville to Coromandel town like the back of our hand and the slightly overcast day made for nice riding.
We had planned to stop for lunch in Driving Creak Cafe, an amazing vegan friendly place with big portions, scrabble (our game of the trip) and includes a second hand book shop in the cafe. But alas it was not to be as the cafe is closed on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, at least we get to go tomorrow now though.
We now have pitch our tent back at Tui Lodge for what is expected to be the last time we use it on this tour! It has been a great home for us over the last 4 months and we will post a full review of it shortly.