After a lazy morning packing up the tent for the last time we collected up a whole load of freshly fallen feijoa and apples for lunch before leaving Tui Lodge for the last time.


We cruised south to the ferry port 10km or so away and after a lot longer then expected finally completed out loop of the Coromandel!

While waiting for the ferry we meet another tourer who had cycled from Bluff at the very bottom of the South Island and was on his way to Cape Reinga at the very top of the North. We had some good chats and wish him well for the final leg of his first ever bike tour!! Way to go!

We both felt this was not only one of the best road riding areas in NZ, but also the geography and more importantly the people make this one of our favourite places of the trip. Thanks to everyone who help make our time here truly unforgettable and if you are planning on doing the same just make sure you go out of season!

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With daylight saving coming in a few days previous and the seasons definitely changing the long summer evenings are now a thing of the past with sunset around 18:30 or so.


As a result by the time the ferry dropped us off on Waiheke Island, 17km or so from our friends and WarmShowers hosts Roger and Els, it started to get dark by the top of the first hill. The good news was we were treated to one of the best sunsets of the trip, the bad news was my rear light didn’t want to turn on so we had to pretend we were a tandem with me up front and Alex and her rear light acting as the Stocker.


After a couple of steep gravel climbs and some road works we could see the lights of the big city far off over the sea and managed to find our way back to civilisation and a brand new bed for the night!


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