Continued on the Te Ara Ahi trail to our first hot spring pool.

We hit a cool mountain bike trail on rainbow mountain that might have been a little ambitious with panniers. It is what I image the Amazon to be like, it even had monstrous looking mosquitoes, I still have no idea what they were but i was terrified!


We got some inside knowledge from some locals to follow the signage for the Water Wonderland Hot Springs then headed straight passed it to the first bridge where you can get in the springs for free, where a river of hot water meets one of cold, perfect. Though you have to be sure not to put you head under for chance of catching meningitis ekk.

IMG_4946Andy was considering to trade in his bike for one that fits.


Continued on the trail to ‘paradise’ a lake with its own hot spring. Unfortunately many boaters also new about paradise and the camping areas seem to be there dumping ground literally. One kid even got out and did a crap in the track, this gives wild campers a bad name at least we have a trowel and do it in the bush!! When everyone had gone we went for a late night swim in the lake perfect.


Click HERE for ride data part 1 and Here for part 2

  1. sylvia
    Jan 08, 2015

    I remember your Dad and I doing a late night swim at 2am in Greece while you were fast asleep. Hard to beat a late night swim ( I assume skinny) in warm sea.
    Love you both and keep blogging
    Mum 2 xxx