Last weekend was the hottest of the year so far and that was all the excuse Ben and I needed to head out into the downs to knock out our first fixed gear century of the year!

Click here for full ride data, map and elevation via Strava.

The ride was perfect with only a couple of lightly flooded areas.

30 miles in we stumbled across the nicest village cafe/store I have ever seen in the UK in Milland, where we had a drink but made the mistake of not eating there.

It was another 20 miles until we found a lunch stop at another lovely local store, this time in Kirdford where we stocked up on bananas and cake due to the complete lack of any other vegetarian options.

Pushing on through the rolling hills, dodging chickens & peacocks hunger kicking in again and we stopped in Petworth, not recommended, and grabbed a quick sarnie before setting off up Duncton Down with a parade of sports cars heading south to Goodwood.

For the vast majority of the day the roads where perfect quiet English back-county affair which naturally means you are going to run into a few short sharp climb!

After the last stop of the day in The White Hart Inn, South Harting where we took on some more liquid and filled up our one bottle. I noticed the Garmin only had 16% battery left and we still had about 22 miles to go. The race was on. We made it back to Southsea with just 3% juice left and 101 miles on the clock.

This was by far the best I have ever felt after a century ride of any kind, especially fixed, and has put us in high spirits ahead of our 400 mile Fixed France tour next month.