So after a small hiccup of mixing up the airports we were warmly greeted by our first WWOOFing (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) hosts Keith and Maree. They live in a beautiful location amid the green pastures of northern Auckland. Their property is surrounded by lush rolling greenland with energetic live stock and a picturesque lake that was pleasant on the eye.


As ‘WWOOFers’ for next two weeks both us and two beautiful French girls (Juliette and Lou) will be helping Keith and Maree build yurts to live in with their adorable daughter Stella. We have come at a very exciting time in the yurt building process. We basically have arrived at the erection stage, with much of the hard graft already having been completed. More to come with the yurts later though…..

This is our first wwoofing experience, but from talking to other wwoofers I can tell that they are all very different and the standard has now been set very high. Keith and Maree have welcomed us into the home to live communally. Here we get to be part of there life for two weeks and what a pleasure it has been. It is great to be surrounded with like minded folk that have a keen interest in health, wellbeing and leaving a lighter touch on the earth. Also Maree’s food is outstanding and it is great to learn new skills and recipes, she is a Vegan inspiration.

As part of this experience we also assisted Keith with his Wheatgrass business. This was fascinating and amazing to see the stages of the growing process and how quickly it matured from seedling to fully grown grass.


I first prepared and washed the seeds, then planted my first batch. I look forward to seeing their progress next week.

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Andy harvested the wheatgrass and was tempted to eat the produce. Though I convinced him it was bad idea and that he didn’t have the stomach of a cow to digest it.

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The benefits of the wheatgrass are endless from providing many vitamins, to being a good source of protein ( as well as a great anti cancer agent. It does make you wonder why so many people attain their vital vitamins and minerals by eating them secondhand through meat. Why not miss out the animal stage altogether and go directly to the source. This would reduce harmful effects on both animals and the environment whilst boosting ones own immune system and improving ones health. Its a no brainer to me.

It was great to witness the passion Keith has for Wheatgrass and I admire that his aim is only to make a lasting positive change in his community. His entrepreneurial spirit was both enlightening and infectious, it had me and Andy planning and plotting for our own future. Here is a little video of Keith explaining his business and the benefits of Wheatgrass.

  1. Stephanie
    Jan 23, 2015

    Hi, this is a great blog ty, as I have folks who want to know where to wwoof. Keith and Maree are inspiring in their dedication to their goals in life. It was a pleasure to meet you both if only briefly and I wondered how your NZ trip is going? Smiles x

    • Look Mum No Car
      Jan 23, 2015

      Thanks Stephanie! Our trip is going awesome and getting better and better as it goes on. We out currently just outside Wellington and only have a few more km left in the Nirth Island. Trying to get the blog up todate on our day off so cgeck vack soon for more posts.