Our journey began by frantically duck taping up our bike box’s in Bike U Like, downing a quick beer and jumping in a cab to Fratton station at 12:30 Saturday.


We made our train and fast friends with the guards, who found the whole idea of our trip ridiculous.

After arriving at Gatwick we had to take a shuttle to the right terminal, where we tagged up our box’s and snuck under the 30kg weight limit by just 0.3 of a kg!

We were soon on our first flight of 7hr heading for Dubai. After getting stopped at customs and questioned as to just what the rolled up lengths of rubber were in my bag, obviously this women was not a cyclist after failing the simple test of identifying an inner tube…, we took a quick snooze.

3 hours after landing we were back in the air, this time on a 14 hour flight to Melbourne.

After yet more ‘Strictly Vegetarian Meal’ or ‘Vegan’ as everyone else calls it I settled into Emirates surprising extensive selection of cycling films, including all the highlight from this summers Tour as well as a Lance Armstrong expose documentary!

Melbourne was only a one and a half hour wait and we were soon back on the same plane we had just exited and were on the last 3 hr leg of the journey!

We arrived in Auckland, NZ at 13:30 local time and much to our relief so did our bikes!

We headed to the fabled ‘Bike Assembly Area’ outside the airport, but after being initially letdown by the quality of the work stand clamps we opted to just build ours up against the wall.

It was at this point as we switch our Garmin’s on to route us to our first WWOOFing host that what we had thought we be a short 3 mile ride was in fact more like 46 miles! This was due to a mix up between Auckland airport and a military airport to the north.
Not to be downhearted we loaded the bikes and set off. 16 or so miles later, with the light fading, jet lag and hunger kicking in we took up Keith’s (our WWOOFing host) offer of a lift and were soon in his van zooming towards our home for the next couple of weeks.