So after completing another hilly (2000+ meters of ascent) Fixed Gear Century in the rain and fog today I got home and went to upload my stats to Strava, as all good riders do. You can imagine just how pissed off I was when I find out that only the last 40 miles had been recorded correctly and although my Garmin Edge Touring stated all the correct ride data this was not showing online.

On unit summary screen 1 following ride
On unit summary screen 2 following ride
Started and ended ride in Southsea, but only showing from lunch stop after 60 miles
If any of you have the same issue and/or know how to resolve it please post the detail in the comments section below.
Below is my email to Garmin explaining the issue in more detail.

Hi Guys,

I have been using your edge range for 10,000’s of miles now on my bikes, but since getting your new Touring Edge unit (for the maps feature) I have had some major issues with it. They boil down to I simple question ‘How do you resume a ride when on the Discard/Save screen appears?’.

This has now happened on 2 occasions, both century rides!

The first time I accidentally pressed the start/stop button and as there was no back or resume option had to save the ride, splitting it in 2 and messing up my Strava stats. Then today I did another 100 and after having to race back on my last ride to stop the unit running out of battery I took a spare (external USB). This all worked great and during my lunch stop i charged the unit, again all fine. As I got set to get back on the bike I unplugged the battery and to my surprise the unit turned itself off…I switched it back on and all the data was still there, but so was the dreaded discard/save screen. I opted this time to just press the start button again and all seemed good as the data remained and worked as expected. After finishing my ride I checked the summary and again all seemed find. However, after uploading the data to both Strava and Garmin Connect the ride show’s as only from the lunch stop to home and misses off the first 60 miles! This is a massive failure on the part of the unit or at least its OS as for longer navigated rides the unit needs charging and an option to ‘resume ride’ is essential! Please inform me how this issue can be avoided in future or where I went wrong as if it cannot be sorted I will have to put the product down as unusable and seek an alternative.  

Looking forward to your response. 
Garmin’s Response:

Thank you for contacting Garmin Europe.I am happy to help you with your enquiry.I would recommend a Master Reset and a Software Update on your Edge to  prevent those issues happening in the future.  This will reset it back to its factory default settings and wipe any data currently stored in the device, so if at all possible, please upload any important data before proceeding.After the reset has completed you will need to re-enter your profile details and zone information or send it from Training Centre or Garmin Connect.Firstly, I would suggest that you update the software on your device:To download the application and view the installation instructions, please click the link below: I would suggest performing a master reset, please find below step by step instructions on how to complete this:

  1. Power the device off.
  2. Press and hold the top left corner of the touchscreen.
  3. Power the device on.
  4. When you see ’Reset device settings to factory defaults’, press Yes.

Leave the unit outside, with a clear view of the sky for a minimum of 20 minutes to acquire satellite data before use. 

If there is anything else I can help you with then please let me know. Alternatively you can search for a solution here:
Kind regards,
Garmin Europe

So I followed the instructions and updated the Software Version on the device from 2.60 to 2.70 and gave the unit a Master Reset before going back through every setting to ensure it was as required. This included switching ‘Auto Power Down’ to ‘off’, which I had been advised would stop the unit turning off when disconnecting it from an external battery or plug mid ride.

New 2.70 Sofrware Version after update

I though this would have put an end to the issues and after taking it on a couple of short town rides I happily loaded on some routes and took it off to Brittany, France for a 5 day, 400 mile Fixed Gear tour.

However, after disembarking the ferry I found that the unit had reverted back to factory settings for some unknown reason 🙁 I then had to go through all the settings to ensure they were as I wished, this included all 4 ride screens as well as all the background settings! This also happened again the day after I got back to the UK.

Once this was done we were able to load the first days ride and set off. All went well, including charging the device over lunch with the use of an external battery, up until the afternoon of the 5th day. With only a few miles to go and 25% battery left the Edge Touring said we were off course, which we were not, and then switched off completely of its own accord. I stopped and switched the unit back on and resumed the ride. All data was as it had been and upon finishing the ride I hit the save button. I then went to review the ride data only to find it was listed in the ride history, but wouldn’t go through to the actual data pages (maps, summary etc). When I got home and plugged the unit into my laptop the ride didn’t upload and now there is no trace of it on the device at all!

On top of this the ride screen for elevation seems not to work correctly. It tells me my total elevation and current altitude, but the graphical representation is always flat. When I upload the ride date or review it on the device after rides the graphical display works, but only after the ride not during...
Needles to say I am still very disappointed with my experience with the Garmin Edge Touring and have now lost all faith in it. Ideally, I would like to replace my faulty Edge Touring unit with Garmin’s Edge 810 as I still need/want the maps option and this unit seems to get good reviews from people putting big mile rides on it in extreme conditions.
I have gone back to Garmin with these concerns and will again post their response as and when I receive it.

Garmin’s 2nd Response:
So after a further 10 day I received the below email from Garmin.

Dear Andy Dickson,

Thank you for contacting Garmin Europe.

I am happy to help with your enquiry.

I’m afraid it looks like we will need to book your Garmin device in for a replacement.

We will need the following information from you:
•             Device Serial Number
•             Email Address
•             Phone Number
•             Full Postal Address

Once I have this information I will be able to book the device in. I will then send you an RMA Reference number, the address you need to send it to and all warranty information for your reference.
I can confirm that if the device is replaced with Garmin using our RMA Replacement system then any items in your myGarmin account that you have purchased for the original device such as the Lifetime Map Updater will be exchanged to the replacement device for you.
If there is anything else I can help you with then please let me know. Alternatively you can search for a solution here:

Kind regards,

Garmin Europe

I forwarded this on to my LBS who have already sent the faulty unit back to Garmin. As happened the first time I sent the unit back (the day I got it due to a dead pixel in the center of the screen) Garmin have issued me a credit note as opposed to a straight replacement. This suits me just fine as after using the basic Edge Touring and previous to that the Edge 200 I am now keen to get my hands of a more performance orientated device.

The only question is do I go for the Edge 810 or shell out for the soon to be released Edge 1000?! Any advice welcome, drop me a comment below.

Update (18/06/2014) 
So in the end money talks and I opted not to go for the new edge 1000 and instead just hope its 3rd time luck with a straight replacement of the Edge Touring. The first weekend with it included my longest ride so far at 121 miles and included using the navigation features and recharging off an external battery mid ride. All worked perfectly and fingers crossed this continues. I did notice the new device came with software 2.70 already installed so the issues may have just been with the early products, but who knows.

Update (21/05/2015)

after 4500km of touring in NZ & Thailand my current unit is working well, with only one display screen reset in 6 months. Below I have added a video that talks you through how I set up my device to get the best out of it and avoid as much frustration as possible while out riding.

  1. Philippe April
    May 07, 2014

    Have you gotten anywhere with your Edge Touring? I bought one and I’m having some issues with it and might be returning it to the store (I still can). Some issues are similar to what you’re experiencing but haven’t done any long ride yet.

  2. Andy
    May 07, 2014

    Hi Philippe, Sorry to hear your also having some issues with your Edge Touring and hope this post can help. I would definitely check your settings and make sure both ‘Auto Power Down’ and ‘Recalculation’ are switched off. I have just updated this post with my latest email from Garmin who have agreed to replace the unit.

  3. Philippe April
    May 07, 2014

    Disabling the recalculation definitely helped fix a lot of the bugs I had. Last time it crashed (even without recalculation), it booted back up asking “Ignore” or “Save”, I clicked Save and merged the two files together manually later. I still have 3 days to return it to the store I bought it from, not sure. I bought the unit after 2 years of thinking about buying a 800. When I realized all I wanted was maps (don’t care that much about other things, don’t have a power meter, etc.) Don’t have a big budget. They have a mail-in rebate for the edge 810 right now but I’m not sure it’s worth it compared to the 800. If you care a little about performance all, I suppose the 1000 is worth it over the 810 if you can get it at a decent price… The best price I found right now was (the canadian version, even though it comes from….. England?) with a 10% off coupon.

    My friend who is a 100% bike-gear-tech buff still really likes his 705, beside the fact that it doesn’t pick-up his power meter properly (antenna problem). He says he just deactivates navigation and it follows routes perfectly…. shuts down sometimes, but can resume…

  4. Andy
    May 07, 2014

    Yeah, if you just need maps the Edge Touring is the one. I have used the much cheaper Edge 200 for a few years and its great if you pre-load the map and dont go off course, but now I have had proper maps I wouldn’t go back.

    As I dont have a phone so many of the features of the 810 and the new 1000 wouldn’t work for me, but the ability to upload my rides to Strava and send pre-planned route to the device via my iPod Touch and with just a WiFi network would be awesome, especially when touring! Finding a PC is much harder then finding a WiFi hotspot.

    Let me know what you end up doing and I will also post up what I go for and review it after putting some miles on it.

  5. Philippe April
    Jun 02, 2014

    Hey Andy,

    I was able to exchange my Edge Touring back to the store. The store manager said he usually doesn’t do returns for GPS’s (it’s written on the invoice so people don’t buy it for the weekend…) but that he’d let me if I exchanged it for a 810 or a 1000.

    I waited for the 1000 (which I got 3 days ago). It’s MUCH more expensive and I won’t use a lot of very nice workout features related to watts sensor or DI2 shifting (which requires an additional little gadget for it to work) but it works very well.

    Works as expected, the UI is faster, picks up GPS right away, WIFI uploading works pretty well (although you can “only” have 3 access points in memory). I still have to connect to Garmin Connect and export as GPX to upload into Strava 🙂

    Battery life seems good, but … poor for me since I turn on all the gadgets 🙂 After a 4-5 hours ride, around 50% is left. It’s good enough for me. For a longer ride, I’m sure I can disable the GPS precision, wifi/bluetooth, adjust screen lighting, etc.

    The contrast/lighting adjustments is pretty good, I put it on automatic and I didn’t have to do anything so far and I see well all the time. The touchscreen is really sensitive (it works pretty well).

    I deactivated the routing and all that was not working well on the Touring and routing works the same: just as expected. It resumes alright when I go back on course, I just tell it never to route by itself.

    The weather forecasts is a nice addon for temperature. Yesterday it said no wind and it was quite windy on the bike, but that’s not a Garmin bug, it’s more like a “Environment Canada Weather Forecasts” problem 🙂 I also like the barometric altimeter which can show me the slope % with (I suppose) more precision and faster.

    No crash yet, but only 5-6 rides.

    I haven’t received a text message or a call when on a ride yet but it’s supposed to be able to let me know about it.

    I also like the larger screen, all the workout fields you can show on the screen (5 screens of 10 fields each! + map.)

    Again, much more expensive but … meh. I said I only wanted the maps, but now that I have everything, I’ll enjoy it and train more :).

    It “feels” like a more robust product overall.

  6. Andy
    Jun 02, 2014

    Hay Philippe,

    Sounds good and glad they sorted you out. I was about to pull the trigger on the 1000, but the fact I don’t have a power meter, Di2 gears or even a phone kind of makes it not that worth the extra £300 for me at the mo.

    I opted for a straight replacement and hope it works better than the last 2. Will keep you posted.

    I just wish Garmin would stop messing about with trying to push connect and instead team up with Strava and make the device everyone wants!!!

  7. Frans
    Nov 03, 2015

    Hello Andy, you seem to have quite some experience with your Edge Touring. I had some trouble too with mine and was also advised to do a master reset. That didn’t solve the problems so they replaced the device. One of the problems is that the navigator (both the old and the new one) refuses to make use of ferries, when I want to cross the many Dutch rivers. In stead it directs me across bridges, resulting in massive detours. I’ve tested almost every device setting, but nothing seems to get it right. Do you by any chance have any advice for me concerning this problem?

    Regards, Frans

  8. Sean
    Aug 23, 2017

    Thanks for the really helpful video – has helped me resolve a few quirks with my Edge Touring.

    • Andy
      Mar 30, 2018

      No worries Sean, glad you found it useful!