With the promise of some new American craft beer to try a few of us Southsea Fixed Gear lads set out for a mid week pub ride to Petersfield and back.

The pace turned out to be higher then first anticipated, but then what did we expect with 4 very competitive rides. Tony ended up claiming a KOM for West Leigh just long enough for Strava to register it before Arunas knocked him off the top spot! While I managed a top 10 finish in the previous segment, due largely to the fact I was pushing hard desperately trying to find somewhere suitable to take a piss.

With a continued high pace of just over 18mph and a total of around 20 miles on the clock we arrived at The Red Lion, Petersfield. This is a great pub for cyclists as it is not only perfectly situated in the heart of the South Downs, but it has a easily accessible courtyard garden with lots of space for bikes and seats to enjoy the last of the days sun.

After the first round we headed inside for a few more interspersed only by some extremely hot chips.

The beer was provided courtesy of one of Brooklyn’s Finest brewery’s, Sixpoint and being sponsors of the Red Hook Crits we new it was our sort of energy drink. Despite being served in rather small ‘coke can’ sized cans they didn’t taste half bad. After thoroughly testing all three of the available types ‘Sweet Action‘ stood out as the clear club favorite!


After having our artistic collection of empties removed by management for ‘Health & Safety’ reasons, we jumped back on the bikes for what was due to be a leisurely saunter home.

Once again this failed to materialise, with the racing starting as soon as we left the car park. By the time we made it to the top of South Harting hill and then on through Havant and the Easton Road everyone was still together and pushing hard, although the evenings activities had definitely effected peak performance and there were no more top 10 segment finishes.


If your interested in joining us for any future rides please do get in touch, especially if you ride fixed!