A busy start to the week turned into an educational and inspiring insight into alternative touring, hosting 5 cyclists in just 3 days!

Monday – We hosted Joe (Oz) and Verena (USA) aka TheLongLongTrip and spent an enjoyable evening over a bottle of French wine exchanging tales from the road. Included a stories of a 7ft black panther snake in France!! Joe was forced to reassess what is really important after a life saving operation and has given up the 9-5 in search of a different path, working on the road as he goes. This gave us a reminder that life is short and you need to grasp experiences whist you can!

Tuesday – We hosted Marie-Clade and Bernard from France that had over 25 years of cycle touring under their belt. They own a 30 year old car they don’t use, 12 bikes and ride everywhere! Their home description sounds like they are living the sustainable dream with plentiful fruits and vegetables throughout the year. They also plan there routes to incorporate the most beautiful roads and towns in that area. This exemplified that it’s the journey not the destination that’s important!


Wednesday – We hosted Alex aka RoundPeanut, an experienced tourer at the tender age of just 21. We tasted the finer delights of home brew Raki that he had transported from back east. He had many stories though the one that will stick with me for life is him suckling on old Brittany the goat udder for a dare. He had ridden a colossal 35,000km back from Oz solo and without maps though mainly on direct roads. This reminded us that it’s important to set ourselves challenges along the way to keep pushing our own limitations!


We are excited to meet the next wave of tourers heading through Portsmouth and would encourage YOU, wherever you are, to sign up and join the most amazing community in the word, Warm Showers!