After running Knog’s Blinder lights for years their latest MOB version might just be the best yet!

“The key features of Knog’s lights are their ability to charge straight from a USB socket.

Unlike other USB charging lights on the market these have the male USB socket build right into the light so no need for additional cables. This has worked great for commuting as its one less thing to forget to take to work and as long as you have the light you can charge it up from your PC.


“Upgrads on the latest MOB version focus on the mounting strap, the achilles heel of the original!

Where as in the past the silicon strap was built into the light the MOB strap is interchangeable and comes with 3 different sized straps for you to use. The result is that the silicon is no longer over stretched even on oversized bars with lots of cabling or aero seatposts and oversized tubes.


A common complaint of the old system was that if your strap split your light was useless as there was no way to mount the still functioning light to your bike, although Knog’s 2 year warranty was ace and we got a replacement when this happened to us. With this design update these issues are sorted once and for all as you can just get a replacement strap, or improvise your own if out on the road.


Other updates include reflective face plates, making the USB non-folding and a slight change to the fastening.


These lights are bright, with the front putting out up to 80 lumens and the rear 44. What does that mean? Well I use the rear all the time and in group rides its band from being on high or flashing due to the possibility of giving other riders an epileptic fit. The front I use for commuting and almost always have it on flashing as I find it works great to warn drivers of my presence. It is not bright enough to see where you are going in the pitch black, for that you will need a way more powerful light. See our post on the difference between a light to be seen with and a light to see with.

“In terms of runtime these last for ages, especially on flashing and eco mode.

In full beam you will get between 5-6hrs and in eco flashing between 66-75hr. This makes them ideal for touring where you will probably not be riding through the night, but want to be more visible at the start and end of your day.


On full beam they also make a decent torch and with the mounting system we found them easy to hang inside our tent while touring.


Overall I still think Knog make the best lights to be seen with and with the upgrades in this latest model they should keep you safe for years to come.

If you want more on the technical specs of these lights click here and head on over to Knog’s site.


Lastly I would just like to say a big thanks to the guys at Knog for hooking me up with this pair and look forward to seeing how they perform over the longterm.