One of the things about carrying everything you need to live for an unspecified amount of time on the road is that your traditional home just ain’t going to fit. 

For our recent tour we swapped our comfortable and reasonably dry rented flat for a shinny new tent, the Luxe Hammer 2 courtesy of Bob and the gang at

There were a number of reasons why we specifically opted for this tent over any other and I will get into the spec shortly, but first a bit of history and lessons learnt.

For our first substantial international and self supported cycle tour across the USA back in 2013 we just took the tent we had, a two man Burghouse number that had done us fine over a few years of very light weekend use in the UK. Being aimed at the UK market, a place that even on the hottest of midsummer nights you would probably prefer not to sleep without the fly sheet on for fear of the cold or the rain. As a result the tent poles went through the fly and the sleeping nest hung off of this, making it both impossible to setup without pegging out or removing the fly. Two unforeseen issues that quickly became apartment when, in the midst of a heat wave, we had to evacuate the tent to sleep on the grass and get bitten by bugs as it was hotter then hell inside. Or when it was pissing down and we couldn’t set up under the large roofed shelters available in most parks across the US as they had concrete floors and our tent was not free standing. 

This lead us to quickly seek a replacement that was both free standing and able to be used without the fly. At the same time we didn’t want to shell out on anything to price so ended up with some cheap Dicks sporting goods own brand number.

This ticked all the above box’s, but didn’t have much in the way of a porch or space to store our 4 panniers. By the end of our tour it was in a very worn state and has since been relegated to amour festival tent.

So ahead of our tour of NZ we were in the market for a new one and after much research and a budget of £200 plumped for the Hammer 2. 

Here is a video of Bob from talking through its features and specs.

After over 3 months on the road in New Zealand we can confirm the Hammer 2 not only lasted the distance but in doing so became our safe, secure and above all dry home.

IMG_8748.JPGExcept for the bird poo and a couple of knicks on the mesh door (fixed with some trusty gaffer tape) the tent is still as good as new.


The frankly cavernous porch area stored our 6 panniers, shoes, helmets etc no problem and we even had space for a welcome mat (aka Alex’s yoga mat folded in half). You could easily cook in the porch if required, although not recommended by the manufacturer, but we never had to.

You could also sleep without the fly, but with the nights being colder then expected we never did. The top of the nest is made with fly like material and gives its skyward profile pretty good rain cover. This could help lighten your load of doing a summer overnighter in good weather.
IMG_8744.JPGThe only downside to the tent is probably its inability to be setup with the fly but without pegs, but as there are very few times I can think of where this would be an issue, setting up on stony ground or on sand, it’s not much of a downside. Especially when you consider to add this feature you could double the price!
All in all its a great tent with lots of space for two people, even if one is over 6 foot. It packs down easy and although no super lightweight contender on the back rack of a touring bike its plenty light enough.

IMG_8747.JPGIf your in the market for a touring tent with space and versatility you can’t go wrong. Head over to BackpackingLight for more info, but if you do decide to order one just remember to do it well in advance of your tour and get it delivered to your current address to save any embracement, anxiety and hassle ….!

Thanks again to Bob for the outstanding customer service!

Just to let you know we are not sponsored by BackpackingLight and paid full price for the tent. This review is our honest opinion on a product we rate highly after much use and abuse and we just wanted to share our thoughts with you. Good companies, selling good products with excellent customer service are rare so it’s nice to share when you find one.