So after being forced to move out of our current home by our landlord we managed to find a lovely new one a bit closer to town. Our key requirements were that the property had a garden, gas central heating, white goods and o yeah easy access and storage for all our bikes!

Soon enough moving day was upon us and in true LookMumNoCar style we borrowed a bike trailer from our LBS and enlisted the help of some muscles in the form of a couple of our mates, thanks again Ben and Luke.
Despite only moving less than a mile away it still took all evening as the amount we could haul in one go was a fraction of what a traditional van could hold. Over all I did 14 miles on the bike that evening back and forth along the same road. 
Some of the furniture wouldn’t fit on the trailer and had to be walked round. This included the 2 free sofas we picked up from freecycle 🙂
We definitely got some rather odd looks from passers by, but all the drivers gave us plenty of space for a change! A few people asked what we were up to and cheered us on our way, while most tried to act cool and uninterested as they attempted not to stair.
Overall it was a memorable move and just goes to show if you cut down the amount of crap you own and have some mates to help moving need not be that bad 🙂