How did we celebrate the new year? The only way we know! Yeah, that’s right we jumped on our bikes for a relaxing cycle down the flooded South Coast to visit some friends in Brighton!

Thanks @rossburge for the pic
There has been HEAVY rain here for weeks now, but as we set off the rain was due to stay away until at least early afternoon… We took our normal route down to Chichester and despite some flooded sections and signs of fallen trees the roads were actually quite ok.
Waiting for the boat to pass
From Chi we bypassed Bognor Regis and instead took some quieter roads directly to Littlehampton.
Here we found the bridge open for a large ship to pass and despite having no cash were treated to a warming cuppa by Ruth and her team at a lovely local cafe! Thanks girls 🙂
Ruth and her team
Keep Dry, Drink Tea!
Once over the bridge we were cruising through Littlemhampton and tried our luck at riding along the seafront. This was impossible due to the amount of people out with kids, pets and old people all over the prom, but also due to the storms half the beach was also on the walk/bike path 🙁
Littlehampton has the coolest beach side art/seats!

A few more miles and we had our next bridge. This time it was in Shoreham-by-Sea’s new Adur Ferry Bridgethe bridge.

Just as we were commenting on how nice the bridge was and how well it linked to the cycle friendly high street Lex gave out the dreaded cry of ‘glass’. Moments later followed by the even worse sound of ‘puncture’. This also happened to coincide with the heavens opening and our first rain storm of the day. The rain lasted just as long as it took me to fix the flat and for Lex to secure some cakes from the local shops and we were soon on our way again.
From here on we would be on National Cycle Route 2 and on the seafront the rest of the way. There were a few issues with this. First of all and up until Brighton there are no markings on the prom to separate cyclists from confused, angry, worried and oblivious pedestrians. This resulted in a big drop in speed and a few near misses (not our fault). The second was due to the storms and the fact the prom was in parts covered in pebbles, sand and a surprising amount of plastic and other rubbish thrown up by the sea.

As we rolled into Brighton the sun even tried to come out to welcome us.

53 miles later and still surprisingly dry we made it to Brighton’s number 1 Caribbean music bar Riki-Tik and ran by our good friends Lianne & Jack! If your ever in Brighton make sure you stop by for a 2-for-1 cocktail 😉
Love the bike guys!

Then headed off for some much needed sustenance, in the form of some truly amazing veggie food from Food For Friends.

Click here to check out the ride data and route via Strava