And so it begins… this blog is a brief documentation of our American adventure and we welcome you to join us for the ride!


*Just before I start I want to be clear that this isnt an essay or work to be assessed so sorry about the spelling and grammer errors (Will/Mike). We have also realised it is hard to fit in blogging when you are cycling 50+ miles whilst working out where we will be sleeping each night. So we will continue to update it when possible.

**Side Note: We lost a bunch of our photos from the first part of the trip so you will have to use your imagination for those bits 🙁

New York City

So we are finally here and it is HOT!!

First lesson in safety is don’t get hustled into a illegal taxi (we luckily realisd just in time…). Though we did have to get a disabled yellow cab which was the only one to accommodate the bikes. When we arrived at our hotel we were greeted by a couple of enthusiastic and helpful staff members that instantly put us at ease. We enter our immacualte white room and passed out on the bed, this is our first experience of jet lag!

The breakfast food at the hotel was delicious they even had porridge so I was happy as a pig in poo. 


When we hit the subway for the first time Andy’s ticket didnt work which heighten the anxiety of being in one of downtown brookyn’s stations.

“In traditional lookmumnocar fashion we were very unprepared for the weather that day, due to the humid temperature we headed out in only shorts and T-shirts to then get absolutely drenched.


Luckily our presents from Motiv8 came in handy and we put the see through waterproof ponchos on (even if a little late), just to ensure everyone new we were tourists.

During the first day in NY we jam packed it full of tourist sites in Manhattan including The Empire State, Central Park, Radio city and Time square.

We had a great mexican street meal which brighten up a damp day.


To get some respite from the rain we went to a exhibition of Erik Benson. If we were millionaires we would definitely of purchased a painting, but unfortunately this is not the case. It is strange wandering the city and getting flash backs of films that you have seen set here we definitely saw the bridge where Malcucy Culcin met the pigeon lady.

Day two in the big apple

The second day we decided to use the hotel bikes, just in case we weren’t doing enough pedal strokes already.


We cycled up to Williamsburg and round to Dumbo. On route we stubbled on a farm shop selling local produce. We found out that the farm was located directly above us and the owner offered to show us round. We were glad we took up the offer because it was the best view of NY yet.


Under the Brooklyn bridge we sat and indulged in some typical American cuisine including a hot dog, pretzel and frozen yogurt with a epic view of the city in the distance.

Later that day we ditched the bikes and cruised on the subway a mear 21 stops to Coney Island and Brighton beach. Here Andy got to sample Brooklyns finest ale and I had a ice cooooffe!!


“We dipped our toes in the Atlantic ocean now only 4,300 or so miles to make it to the other side.