The start of June has seen a rise in the number of cycle tourers passing through the city as the summer season kicks in.

I was lucky enough to bump into a few while out riding this week, including one chap who started back in Switzerland. After landing here from France in time for breakfast he was heading west on National Cycle Route 2.

He was linking up some of our favourite Sustrans routes, including 24, Two Tunnels Greenway and the iconic route 4, with the end goal of catching another ferry from Fishguard to Ireland.

After a chat about his trip so far and sharing some local advice about the best route I wished him well and we parted ways. The encounter got me excited to host on WarmShowers again and I planned to have a chat with my housemate about it.


Later that week, and before I had had a chance to do so, I was strolling back home after work when I saw another fully loaded tourer and after a quick chat it was clear he was in need of somewhere to crash for the night. Portsmouth is the most densely populated city in the country outside of London and wild camping spots are few and far between. There is a campground on the south east of the island, but at £28 a night it’s not tourer friendly!

After a couple of quick messages we had the all clear and Koen was welcomed into our home for the evening.


Koen is midway through a 3 week solo tour taking him in a loop from his home town of Antwerp up to the Hook of Holland where he got the ferry over to Harwich. Here he worked his way south through the capital and down to Brighton and the south coast. After traversing the South Downs and spending an evening in a rather creepy abandoned campground I think he enjoyed a slice of civilisation and company before heading over to France on the morning tide.

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