Our experience with Rapha’s Repair Service.

Rapha offers a free repair service where a crash or accident has damaged a garment or a failure has occurred even after significant usage, halfway through a cycle tour of NZ in our case. This service also applies to garments outside the 90 day return policy, and where the damage is not due to manufacturing faults. We think this is ace and shows the faith Rapha has in its products.

The process itself is not quick as it can take up to 4 weeks after receiving the returned items for you to get it back, but it is free and they do a bloody go job of fixing the issue. In our case Alex’s shorts looked brand new again.

Ultimately Rapha products are not cheap, even when purchased half price in the sale. However, our experience on the whole shows they are generally worth the premium (except in the case of their rain jacket) and the customer and afersales service is second to none.