So first official daylight ride within Thai borders and what a adventure it was!

As we left the hotel we were greeted by a couple of dags and after last nights fiasco we moved sharpish. The back road lend us onto a very busy road full of cars, trucks, buses and mopeds. As we approached it I felt a little apprehensive due to the hullabaloo going on. To my surprise when we were amongst the traffic it wasn’t so bad in fact all the motorists were very courteous and thoughtful. I have a feeling this was due to the many mopeds riding up streets the wrong way and cars doing u turns in four lane traffic, you have to be pretty aware and expect the unexpected.
One thing we thought we were prepared for was the heat after NZ we thought we would have acclimatised.
How wrong we were, with the humidity partnered with the smog we were struggling to breath at points and decided to take a rest for lunch around half way at a lovely little street market where i got to make my first attempt to request vegan food in Thai.
Hilarious she spoke no English what so ever, but fortunately my ‘Mang sa vi rat’ worked and Andy got lunch whilst I devoured a load of mangos.
Last stretch to our hostel for a couple of nights.
The sites, smells and sounds of Bangkok are explosive I don’t know which one to absorb first.
We are finding pleasure riding through the city which generally would be a unpleasant experience this can only be a great start for the rest of the country!