We headed out from our little piece of luxury at the Treehouse hotel excited to get on the road. We knew it would be getting hot in the city so left early for us at around 09:00. As we travelled through the city the smells were varied, but the potent scent of Jasmine was refreshing. It is definitely the norm for mopeds to drive down the road the wrong way, I have a feeling they get the same rights as bikes ie road rules do not apply!

We have now learned that this isn’t early enough though as the heat heighten after 12:00 so we are now aiming to finish by then.
Today was the real trial for many reasons including how accessible food, water and guest houses are. So food is very common and water you can pretty much get anytime if you aren’t fussy about refrigeration. Guest house are a bit trickier, but generally still common. Due to being promoted in Thai and sometimes being disguise in the back of locals homes or restaurants makes them a little hidden. Most people can point you in the direction of a hotel when needed though despite minimal English spoken in the none tourist locations. Which is a rarity nowadays for us Brits, but being forced to use another language is part of my love for travel and add a new dimension to the experience.
The facilities for cyclists seem good and this road side repair station was just one example.
We spotted a dog sized lizard that crossed our path on the road swiftly dodging a car, no pic though as it was too quick.
There are so many stray dogs here, but fortunately they are all very subdued. Whether this is due to their general nature, the Buddhist influence (lots of the live in the temple grounds) or the extreme heat is questionable.
We were hunting for a place to rest from the heat and eat our fruit and promptly stopped after seeing this sign from the bikeman upstairs.
Next to this beauty was a perfect little hut where I devoured a load of mangos and got the juice everywhere #NotFirstDateFood
We suddenly realised we must be on the right road because a peloton of roadies flew by. The rest of the day we were warmly waved at by what could only be a sportif ride. It was a strange site to see that the largest people we have seen in Thailand so far had squeezed into Lycra and were riding road bikes. Yup the MAMIL has gone world wide!
We arrived in Ayutthaya at a reasonable time and headed to a hotel, well guest house, straight away. We spotted one down a alley out the back of the restaurant and had the option of air con or fan room. After our splash out at the Treehouse lodge hotel last night we decided to give the cheaper fan room a trial. When we got settle in we realised this might be a room you rent by the hour, if you get my drift. The holes in the walls got me seriously paranoid about creepy crawlies. Needless to say the ear plugs were used that evening!