Fan room tried and tested, outcome is it SUCKS! Aimlessly blowing hot musty air around the room and sharing this small box room with a sweaty man and goodness know what under the bed we decided to up our standards in the future.

We rose for sunrise thinking we would be the only crazies up at 05:00, how wrong we were. The market was already in action as we left the monks were collecting donations from the vendors in exchange for blessing.
We headed straight to the ruins of Ayatthaya for sunrise. When we arrive we were warn off by a pack of what we thought to be strays at first but in hindsight I think they were guard dogs.
We got blessed with this.
Afterwards we paused to absorb this morning and breakfast then hit the road.
The ride was short and our leg felt heavy after the shock of 80 km yesterday, but we pushed on through to the town of Ang Thong.
When we arrived we scanned the town for a place for the night. After at least 30min riding around with no luck and starting to becoming a bit frustrated in the heat. We realised we definitely need to brush up on our Thai. Getting to know where is a hotel would be a start. Needless to say we were the only westerner in town and eventually got a bed for the night thanks mainly to our expertise in charades.