With our aim still to get the k’s in super early and get out the heat for the remainder of the day our alarm went off at 05:00 and after a morning meditation courtesy of the meditation society of Australia’s podcast ‘learn to meditate’ we scoffed down a whole watermelon, packed the bags and headed out of town.

It was obviously to early for us as we headed out of town the wrong way by a couple of km, #AlwaysTraining.
Back on course we continued to follow the Chao Phraya river north along highway 309. The roads remain very flat and once you are out of the towns there is literally no traffic to speak of save for the odd family of four or five somehow all attached to a single moped lol
Despite the lack of vehicles, or maybe because of them, the road surface is in great nick and a pleasure to ride on. The shoulders here are really their own roads and as a result are free from debris due to regulate use. The trade off is mopeds drive both ways on them… So you can be mooching along and suddenly have a moped driving the wrong way down a major road. Sounds scary, but it’s not at all. It’s just that there is either a barrier in the middle of the road making a quick trip to the shops much longer by having to drive the wrong way for a bit before being able to turn around or in town involve crossing all the traffic! This system sounds mad but as all the drivers are aware of it and are just generally all super chill anyway it works no probs.
The slight headwind from yesterday had vanished and we cruzed along in the low 20kmph.
Around halfway we needed a break and stopped at the nicest roadside cafe we have seen so far. Being so early we were the only guests and after an ice cold water and some lovely fresh juice oranges we got an impromptued tour of our hosts house and small holding as well as view of the river.
As we left we were handed some homegrown mangos and wished a safe ride.
Just up the road we passed a small bunch of strange looking cows as they were being herded across the road by a guy on a moped.
We continued to pass more temples and could see the biggest gold budda of the trip so far way off to the west on the horizon.
We arrived in the town of Sing Buri by 10:30 with 45km on the clock and headed straight for a hotel. It is amazing what £7 gets you here, nothing fancy but nice clean double bed room with on sweet and fully free and unlimited wifi.
After cooling off we headed off into town in search of the one thing all cycle tourers crave most, food.
Sing Buri has a great market taking over a couple of blocks and we picked up a few bags of fruit and cooked spuds. The dish of the day here seems to be meat soup, but with a bit of miscommunication we did get taken to a restaurant that was able to do me a nice vegan sweat and sour veg curry and steamed rice, yum!