Old farther time is not one for the group ride, seeing how he waits for no man! But, those good folks that make up Southsea Fixed Gear Cycling are not quite as bad and with that in mind we recently set of on the largest group ride for a while with 7 of us making the train journey from Southsea, west along the coast to the New Forest. This was partly in order to celebrate me turning 30 and also just because the sun was due to be out and the New Forest is a great place to go ride your bike!

As those of you who have ever tried to take a bike on a train in the UK will know it is rarely a simple and smooth task, but on this occasion luck was on our side and all of use made every train without issue!

Upon realizing we had got the wrong connecting train we started a bit off course, but after a few miles hooked up with the planed route and immediately stopped in Lyndhurst at The Greenwood Tree for a traditional breakfast and coffee, or as it turned out a fry-up on a pancake and a pint of beer 🙂

After an impromptu round of Happy Birthday when my breakfast came out, complete with candle, we finished up and headed on our way. The weather really was perfect and it was great being able to actually see without lights after all the recent night riding we have been doing.


The route itself was due to be a 50 miler, but after a couple more ‘refreshment’ stops and lunch in the Oak Inn near Lyndhurst, the sky’s had darkened and the temperature had plummeted so we opted to take the direct route and hop on the train home, where lots more beer, refreshments and open fires were awaiting.

It was a great day and lovely way to spend my birthday!

BIG thanks to all for coming out and especially to the guys from bikeUlike for getting Alex’s new super sick All City Big Block build up in record time, enabling this to be her first ride on it!

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