Due to bad weather in Sydney we had missed our connecting flight to Bangkok and had to wait all day for the next one. Quantas did look after us though by giving us a day room in the airport hotel and $60 of room service!

After a turbulent take off and a dramatic lack of a Vegan meal, had to make do with eating all the fruit on the plane, the rest of the flight was uneventful and following a good snooze we woke to the pilot preparing to land.
After clearing customs it was gone 3am, but not wanting to dick about with public transport or taxis we plumped for building up our bikes and riding out of Bangkok airport to our hotel.
Despite the time, jet lag was on our side for once and with the help of some bemused looks and laughing from the Thai airport staff we soon had our baby’s back together and headed out to the road. It was at this point a Thai policeman on a Segway, always hard to take a figure in a position of authority seriously when they are rolling around on one of these I just always think of Mall Cop, raced up to us and explained we needed to use a different exit, oops.
Eventually on the road and except for the heat and humidity it was the polar opposite to the mad traffic I had anticipated. There was virtually no cars and only a few mopeds, which was just as well as our route seemed to take us down a motorway, lol.
As we approached the hotel a stray dog made a chase out of it and came flying into the road, barking after us. There is never a good time to be chased by an angry dog, but after a full day of traveling in the wee hours of the morning in Bangkok is up there as one of the worst!
Despite our late arrival our room was still free and waiting for us and after cranking up the air con we turned in for what was left of the night.